The smart luggage solution for music lovers on the go

The Nomadic Audio Speakase and Speaker were designed to be the perfect travel companion. You no longer have to compromise on quality sound when you’re out and about. Morel’s revolutionary Nomadic Audio technology* means you can now travel light and still enjoy the deep, rich sounds of the music you love at any destination.

The Nomadic BT speaker cutting-edge technology

We developed an acoustically treated fashionable smart carry-on suitcase that functions also as a large

 cabinet, housing an incredibly small, slim and box-less BT speaker with big audio drivers as its transducer.

In fact, around 70% of Nomadic speaker’s back and front surface is a moving membrane, it has a 2-way configuration with a pair of 4”x 6” woofers in a box-less design, providing a full and rich sound. We added two high-end soft dome 22mm (0.9") tweeters to cover the entire frequency range, and we did it all without any acoustic compromises. The drivers’ back is open to the suitcase cabinet, to enhances and boost the audio experience through its carefully engineered structure.The speaker sounds great on its own - but slide the Nomadic speaker into its dock and the real magic begins: The Nomadic Speaker and Speakase become one, and deliver a music experience that you would normally expect from a full size home audio system.

Nomadic Audio Spekase

An acoustically treated, premium smart carry-on suitcase with a built in dock station for the Nomadic portable speaker. When fused together, The Nomadic Speakase and Speaker create a true Hi-Fi system with a no compromise sound quality .

  • Smart suitcase with charger

  • Great deep bass

  • Wide soundstage

  • Portable Hi-Fi system


For best connection only TWS (True Wireless Stereo) 

Option 1: You can either connect 2 devices to the speaker and share the music control. You do not need to disconnect one before adding another. 

Option 2: Connect 2 speakers that can either play the same music or split the audio into left and right channels.