Massive Hi-Fi Speaker & Carry-On Suitcase. 2 in 1


Massive Hi-Fi Speaker & Smart Suitcase. All In One.

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FORBES: “One of the 5 best hot products for 2018”

“…Speakase packs the power of large-scale quality speakers into a water-resistant, lightweight, shock-absorbent suitcase, turning any terminal and hotel room into a VIP event”

The Smart Suitcase Solution For Music Lovers On-The-Go

Massive Hi-Fi Speaker & Durable Suitcase. Two in one.

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"... the sound quality is beyond anything a portable or semi-portable bluetooth speaker can muster...The Speakase is genius in that the entire suitcase acts as the speaker enclosure...Oh yea, it goes ridiculously loud without distortion. Mental." Gadgetstorm

Never leave your music behind

SB1 speaker $199

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