We’ve created the highest end portable speaker, in a case that makes it even better.

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A New Concept

The speaker is awesome. But when it’s placed in the luggage, something magical happens.

Most speakers are built big- because rich sound requires space. It's just something that's been sacrificed with modern portable speakers. But with Nomadic Audio's patent-pending technology you can use the high-quality Bluetooth speaker or place it in the Nomadic Speakase, where sound becomes much MUCH bigger and better. It becomes a big box speaker that outperforms on every level. 

The Speakase boosts the sound and frequencies of vibration, playing louder bass, richer trebles, and just an all-around incredible sound. It's the science and acoustics of big brand luxury speakers paired with the innovation of the modern traveler. 

Unbelievably Full Body Sound, Zero Compromise Luggage.

The Nomadic Audio speakase isn’t just for acoustics, it’s on par with the most luxurious suitcase brands out there:

  • Polycarbonate with an aluminum reinforced frame
  • Shock absorbent: protects both speakers and case
  • No rattling parts

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40 years of high-end audio expertise

We’re not new to sound sculpting. In fact, we’re audio veterans.

We’ve been engineering and manufacturing audio systems for the world’s leading home audio and car makers for a few decades.

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